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We work with our clients to design pipework in a way that makes its manufacture and assembly easier and quicker.

As we all know, time is of the essence on build projects and that is why we look for smart, efficient and effective ways to design your system.

We manufacture at our workshop and can deliver it either ready to assemble and install on-site or supply it prefabricated reducing our installation time on-site.

This specific design service works well with our Mechanical Public Health Services and Packaged Public Health Services.

Our designers are engineers, with years of knowledge and on-the-job-experience, so you can trust us to find the best and most efficient design and manufacturing process.

Our DfMA services include:

  • Prefabricated Skids
  • Prefabricated Riser Modules
  • Prefabricated Pump Skids
  • Prefabricated Corridor Horizontal Modules
  • Prefabricated Riser Vertical Modules
  • Multi-Service Modules and Skids

(all Modules and Skids include design and manufacture)

Why work with us?

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We are

Due to our expertise we can think ahead, know what is needed and make sure all is ready for site. With challenges anticipated and solutions identified we will deliver your project with excellence.

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We are

Our vast experience can be drawn on to envisage and bring to life projects that meet and exceed expectations and provide innovative, forward-thinking solutions.

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We are

Time is money. It is our meticulous planning and looking ahead that allows us to find efficient ways to use budget and time to meet expectations.

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We are

Working together brings success. We enjoy great working relationships with our clients, suppliers and contractors to make sure projects are delivered efficiently, safely and with excellence.

Key Contact

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Key Contact

Andy Dolan

Our key contact for this service is Andy Dolan
You can contact them via:

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