We are dedicated to creating a better future

We develop, engineer and build comfortable, efficient solutions whilst at the same time, nurturing people and relationships. We strive for long-term connections that strengthen over time.

The next generation of engineers that we educate, support and encourage, bring their new ideas, enthusiasm and aspirations. They grow their skills and careers, continuing to build our relationships to steer us into tomorrow.

97 years of history
200 People
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Our Values

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We care

People matter – they really do, as much as our projects. And that’s why we invest in them and nurture their capabilities.

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We value our connections

We excel in developing, building and maintaining collaborative and
friendly relationships with clients and stakeholders.

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We enjoy our work, together

We believe work should be fun. We don’t take ourselves too seriously and prioritise time to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

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We instil good habits

We strive to be consistently excellent – and demonstrate this in our culture, with clients and stakeholders, within the community and the industry as a whole.

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We are tenacious

Everything we do, we do with tenacity – always striving to be our best and seek persistent and consistent results.

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We never stop developing

Every generation brings a different perspective and experience and that’s why we always share and learn from each other.

Our Team

We have a strong and highly knowledgeable Team. Read more about our innovators, problem-solvers and engineers who have been invaluable in developing the Company to where it is today.

Meet JA Brooks
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Our History

Founded in 1925 on a foundation of hard work, we have developed and evolved to be innovators, leaders and forerunners for new ideas and change.

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Health & Safety

We are proud of our safety record, which demonstrates our commitment to high standards of health and safety and commitment to provide a safe workplace for all our workers.

See our approach
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Wellbeing & Mental Health

Care for your staff and they will care for your business. That is our ethos. We care. We encourage. We empower. We want our people to flourish.

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Affiliations & Accreditations

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