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BIM modelling is a vital tool for modern day construction, as it allows adjustments to any area of the project including costs and materials, to be made and tested before the build starts. It involves the collaboration of all building services relating to your project.

It also gives a glimpse into the future and allows us to anticipate challenges and solve them – reducing additional costs or disruption to the work program

When the project is up and running, amendments can be tested using the modelling to see their effect on time, cost and integrity.

Our experienced designers and engineers work together on your project, collaborating with all relevant parties to save you time and streamline the process.

The BIM modelling also allows us to explore prefabricated construction, saving time on the project as we prefabricate, ready for delivery and installation on site.

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We draw on the vast knowledge of both our long-standing engineers and the new ones coming into the industry. Between us, we blend old and new knowledge to build the future.

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We are creative in our problem-solving. Using our many years of expertise, we will find the best solution for you, whilst keeping within cost and budget timescales.

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Our vast experience can be drawn on to visualise and bring to life projects that meet and exceed expectations and provide innovative, forward-thinking solutions.

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Problem Solvers

We relish finding solutions to problems. We draw on experience and past projects to overcome challenges and ensure we continue to deliver with the excellence our clients have come to expect.

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