Training the next generation

Many of our people started their careers as apprentices and trainees and some have been in the business and industry since they left school many moons ago. We therefore fully appreciate and value investing into the next generation.

We are proud of our apprenticeship programmes and constantly review what we can offer our apprentices and how best for us to pass on our knowledge and experience. We know what is gained from learning from the beginning whilst having opportunities to progress through the business whilst learning to understand all the roles within the Company. This is an experience and opportunity we do not want our apprentices to miss out on.

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We have been in the industry since 1925 and are at the forefront of Mechanical & Plumbing pipework installations in some of the most prestigious projects in London and the home counties.

Our long-term and experienced staff have worked with apprentices for many years, passing on their expertise and developing them into good quality tradesman who have gone further into management and even directorships.

Learning a trade has been at the heart of our Company since the very beginning. We gained our reputation for excelling in our work and being a good company to work for, with values that have stood the test of time.

The apprentices we take on-board have an interest in the industry, a willingness to learn and develop but also are personable, and value the currency of good, strong working relationships.

Learning on the Job

We offer a comprehensive range of work to ensure that what you learn at College makes sense and is put into practice and understood with confidence.

We are known for our high standards and quality work which only happens with an acute eye for detail and a willingness to learn. We look for our apprentices to gain this too.
We are looking for apprentices who are keen to learn, work well in a team, want to progress and feel part of a company that focuses on excellence.

We will not only train you on the trade and tools, but we will also involve you in a kind, caring and nurturing working culture where you will grow in confidence, develop and take on responsibility when you are ready.

11 Apprentices
7 Qualified
4 In Management

Our Career Paths

We are always looking to take on new Apprentices for plumbing via local engagements, applications, and recommendations. We frequently invite students onto our sites to understand and gain a glimpse of what one of our Apprenticeships may look like. There is no better way to understand than to see it in action.

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Hear from our current apprentices

Apprenticeships albert coveney apprentice portrait

Albert Coveney

I started my apprenticeship at 16 and wanted to use the power tools straight away, but JA Brooks follows health and safety to the letter, so I have learned to be patient and learn how to use tools correctly. I hope to be here for many years to come.

Apprenticeships terry butcher apprentice portrait

Terry Butcher

I could not ask for a better company to work for. I feel totally supported from directors, managers and the team around me. Help and advice is there when you need it and working with such experienced engineers is invaluable; learning from them and finding out the best ways to do things.

Apprenticeships john haley apprentice portrait

John Hayley

After leaving school I wanted to learn a trade and JA Brooks has helped me on my path to becoming a heating and ventilation engineer. I’ve had so much support and learnt so much from being on-site, first shadowing and now working on the tools.

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