Expertly engineered, challenges overcome, built to last

Our expertise allows us to ensure that before we arrive on-site, we know what is going where, having already identified any potential challenges and identified solutions to avoid project hold-ups.

We also problem-solve as we go, using our many years of engineering expertise to find the best solution to meet standards, whilst keeping within cost and budget frameworks wherever possible.

Everything we do is collaborative – and we enjoy working with other contractors who also look to deliver high standards and meet delivery timescales.

We will very carefully choose the equipment for your project to ensure it is reliable and durable. The equipment will work hard so it is essential it lasts.

What does our work include?

  • Low Temperature Hot Water system (LTHW)
  • Foul Gravity Drainage
  • Rainwater Gravity Drainage
  • Domestic Water Systems
  • Chilled Water Systems
  • Commercial Gas

We bring highly experienced, professional engineers to your project who have worked on a range of high-profile, challenging projects. Working in partnership with you we will deliver reliable workmanship and provide a level of service we believe sets us apart from others.

Why work with us?

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We are

Due to our expertise we can think ahead, know what is needed and make sure all is ready for site. With challenges anticipated and solutions identified we will deliver your project with excellence.

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We are

Time is money. It is our meticulous planning and looking ahead that allows us to find efficient ways to use budget and time to meet expectations.

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We are

Everything we do is carefully thought about. Detail matters, from the smallest task to the largest project and we have always got a close eye on it.

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We are
problem solvers

We relish finding solutions to problems. We draw on experience and past projects to overcome challenges and ensure we continue to deliver with the excellence our clients have come to expect.

Key Contact

Mechanical Pipework & Public Health Services andy dolan key contract portrait

Key Contact

Andy Dolan

Our key contact for this service is Andy Dolan
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