Investing in Staff because we care

We care about our clients and their projects, but we also care about our staff too.

In line with our Company values – our people really matter. We ensure they are well looked after and in return we know they will invest in our business and help maintain our standards of excellence in all we do.

Our people are given the opportunity to train, learn and challenge themselves and we want to be sure they always feel valued and invested in.

Our people benefit from private healthcare and are offered wellbeing support through our partnership with The Little Mindfulness Company to help balance the many juggles of everyday life and work. Mindfulness, yoga, meditation and breath work are offered weekly to staff who would like to join in.

Health and Safety is not just for a construction site and we want to be sure everyone goes home safe and healthy after each working day. Spotting physical injury is easy but spotting mental ill health is harder– and that’s why we as a Company talk openly about mental health.

Our mental health first-aiders are trained to look for the signs and offer gentle support.

Managers and supervisors not only oversee the projects but also our workers too. We support management in identifying warning signs, and how best to communicate with suffering individuals.

Our link with The Lighthouse Charity ensures immediate help is available should someone need it.

We have created a culture where everyone is noticed, accepted and looked after.

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What is Mindfulness?

In short, Mindfulness makes you resilient, helps you overcome negative emotions, deal with stress, helps you to override dysfunctional thinking patterns, lowers blood pressure & boosts immunity.

Mindfulness helps you to make clear rational decisions and puts you back in control of your life, whatever it throws at you.

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Sarah Linsley
The Little Mindfulness Company

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