The full process – engineered by us

Consultants work with us to bring the project design to life, allowing us to proceed to engineer and build.

The right equipment is selected providing the best and highest quality for the project and materials we know and trust from our past experience.

Working collaboratively with the relevant parties, we ensure we deliver the engineered installation in accordance with the agreed design and to your satisfaction.

What our Design & Build service is for:

  • This service can be used in any project that involves Mechanical and Public Health Systems

Why work with us?


We are

Due to our expertise we can think ahead, know what is needed and make sure all is ready for site. With challenges anticipated and solutions identified we will deliver your project with excellence.

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We are

Our vast experience can be drawn on to visualise and bring to life projects that meet and exceed expectations and provide innovative, forward-thinking solutions.

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We are

Everything we do is carefully thought about. Detail matters, from the smallest task to the largest project and we have always got a close eye on it.

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We are
Problem Solvers

We relish finding solutions to problems. We draw on experience and past projects to overcome challenges and ensure we continue to deliver with the excellence our clients have come to expect.

Key Contact

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Key Contact

Andy Dolan

Our key contact for this service is Andy Dolan
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