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We are a company built on relationships; good communication and trust – which encompasses everyone we work with.

What we do, has an impact on:

  • Our employees
  • Our clients
  • Our partners
  • Our suppliers
  • The local community
  • The environment

We aim to exceed expectations to ensure we are a trusted and reliable employer and contractor, aware of our impact and proactively being involved in projects and initiatives that give back in some way.

Through our workplace charity events, social engagement initiatives, our apprenticeship programmes, community projects, and our strong committment to invest in the next generation, we have demonstrated we are a Company with an outward looking perspective.

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What a fantastic day, was great to see the team work between the YEN and the College students, who have never met until today, but also the collaboration between the College, Contractors, Consultants, manufacturers and suppliers to provide support to the plumbing industry as a whole (following the SoPHE YEN Plumbing Centre of Excellence competition).

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Sanjay Modasia
Operations Manager

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