Getting ahead of the schedule

Delivering pipework to site and building it there takes time – that is why we pre-build as much of it as we can, so that when we arrive on-site, we are more efficient.

As we know, each stage of a project needs to run to time and prefabricated and pre-built pipework can save a huge amount of time on a project.

It arrives ready to go, so that time spent on-site is further reduced because everything we need is waiting for us to install.

What does this service include?

  • Prefabricated Gas-Pipe In-Pipe
  • Prefabricated Pipework
  • Prefabricated Mechanical Pipework
  • Prefabricated Stainless Steel Pipework

We design and manufacture your pipework, so once we arrive on-site, we know what is going where and have already spotted anything that might otherwise have held us up if it was not already pre-built.

Why work with us?


We are

Due to our expertise we can think ahead, know what is needed and make sure all is ready for site. With challenges anticipated and solutions identified we will deliver your project with excellence.

Knowledgeable We Are Knowledgeable

We are

We draw on the vast knowledge of both our long-standing engineers and the new ones coming into the industry. Between us, we blend old and new knowledge to build the future.

Efficient We Are Efficient Icon

We are

Time is money. It is our meticulous planning and looking ahead that allows us to find efficient ways to meet and exceed budget and time expectations.

Collaborative We Are Collaborative

We are

Working together brings success. We enjoy great working relationships with our clients, suppliers and contractors to make sure projects are delivered efficiently, safely and with excellence.

Key Contact

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Key Contact

Andy Dolan

Our key contact for this service is Andy Dolan
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