Providing a Safe and Healthy Environment Must Be our Top Priority

Health and Safety at work is a huge priority to ensure that our people go home safely, every single day.

  • We take longer on a job to avoid cutting corners.
  • We spend time training and checking skills and knowledge.
  • We keep updated on regulations and compliance.
  • We sanity check what we are doing and stop if it doesn’t feel safe.
  • We raise any safety issues and discuss the safe way forward.

Our staff should be working in a risk-free environment and we are proud of our safety record, which shows our commitment to high standards across health and safety.

All staff are encouraged to engage in safety training, to keep updated with policies, follow best practice and undertake relevant training.

Communication ensures that instructions and information is shared and reviewed, with responsibility given to every employee and person we work with to ensure safe working is adhered to.

We ensure health and saftey is embedded in our culture.

Our safety team carries out regular site visits, regularly audits our safe systems of work, and engages with staff at all levels.

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Our measure of success is to ensure that our workforce go home safely at the end of every day to enjoy time with their families and friends. We actively seek solutions that satisfy clients, supply chain partners and legal requirements. We are proud of our excellent safety record and are frequently complimented for our exemplary practices.

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Samuel Grandio Barro
Health & Safety Manager

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