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Safety is key to all projects, not just during the build, but after completion too.

We always offer our clients regular testing and inspection after we have installed a system, to ensure it is certified and compliant.

Regular checks also extend the lifetime of your system because issues are picked up regularly – and as we installed it, we have the benefit of knowing it inside out.

We can also test, inspect and certify systems of any size, advise on how to improve efficiency, or help to fix any problems.
Our engineers are all fully qualified, highly experienced, and up-to-date on current regulations.

What does this service include?

  • Gas-Pipe In-Pipe
  • Loose Prefabricated Gas Pipework
  • Gas Safe Testing, Inspection and Certification
  • Decommission existing Systems

Why work with us?


We are

Due to our expertise we can think ahead, know what is needed and make sure all is ready for site. With challenges anticipated and solutions identified we will deliver your project with excellence.

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We are

Everything we do is carefully thought about. Detail matters, from the smallest task to the largest project and we have always got a close eye on it.

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At every step of the way, safety matters. It is embedded in our culture and one we nurture and continuously develop to alleviate risks and keep our people safe.

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We are meticulous in following the rules because we want everything to be safe and run smoothly. Cutting corners can be a risk to project efficiency but more importantly, life, and this is not something we tolerate.

Key Contact

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Key Contact

Andy Dolan

Our key contact for this service is Andy Dolan
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Call us to book in testing, inspection and certification or just to seek our advice.

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