High Standards In All We Do

We have a robust structure to ensure good and effective leadership is in place.

This involves us ensuring our people take ownership and that they are clear on what they are responsible for. Whilst at the same time we provide sufficient support to our people to help them manage that responsibility.

Our policies, standards and processes ensure that work is carried out safely, efficiently, effectively and responsibly across the whole business – something we feel is even more essential in our industry which carries a number of risks.

A key part of any governance is also effective communication. We ensure our people are well trained in our expectations and behaviours and that there are clear lines of communication to allow questions, concerns and queries to be raised immediately to ensure our high standards are maintained.

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With a strong team around me, I am enabled to oversee and maintain our good governance, and ensure the business is financially secure and well postioned in the industry.

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Danny Robson
Group Managing Director

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