Peter Rose: 47 years and counting Peter Rose 4

Everything’s coming up Roses

October 6, 2022


The year is 1975. Fawlty Towers has just broadcasted for the first time on BBC Two, Charlie Chaplin has been knighted by the Queen and Manchester United were promoted to the first division of English football. There was one event that year however that was arguably more important – Peter Rose started his first day with J A Brooks!

On Friday 4 July 1975 Peter finished his last day of school and on the Monday, 7 July, he started his J A Brooks career, working on Lower Thames Street. Peter went on to complete a 5 year apprenticeship at Hackney College through which he attended night school after his working day. His hard work paid off and he became a qualified Plumber. In his mid-twenties, Peter started to run projects for J A Brooks, working as a foreman first before becoming a full Supervisor.

Back in those days Peter recalls the fact workers would turn up in whatever clothing and footwear they wished! PPE was only introduced in the late 80’s / early 90’s and now you will rarely see Peter without a hard hat, high vis jacket and safety glasses.

Amazingly, Peter has worked for J A Brooks for a mammoth 47 years. During this time he has worked with Raymond Brooks, the son of founder Jimmy Brooks, seen the growth of J A Brooks, witnessed the change in ownership, and has worked his way through the different challenges and successes within the industry arising over nearly five decades. He has also worked on an abundance of different projects including some high profile buildings like the Bank of England, Ministry of Defence and The Emirates Stadium.

Peter continues to do a great job for us and luckily for everyone, now passes on his wealth of experience and knowledge to our younger operatives and apprentices.

Reflecting on his long service, Peter says “I have basically grown up at J A Brooks and became part of the Brooks family. I’ve witnessed the succession and success”.

Tony Drake, who has worked with Peter for 39 years says “For the whole time I’ve been here, Peter Rose has been a well known face of J A Brooks. His eye for detail and unwavering quality of work is something that has always stood out for me”

We think Peter is a great example to us all of hard work, perseverance and loyalty and we are very proud that Peter chose to serve his whole career at J A Brooks.. We sincerely hope there are many more years to come!