Design &

Bringing your designs to life.

Gravity Drainage &
Syphonic Systems

A syphonic solution may be the most effective solution where space and ground drainage are issues.

Packaged Pipework Solutions

Prefabricated pipework, built at our workshop, ready for delivery and installation when it is needed.

Packaged Public Health Solutions

Built off-site, ready to install systems when your project needs them.

Gas System Certification

Testing, inspection, certification and compliance for your systems.

Design for Manufacturing &
Assembly (DfMA)

Reducing production and assembly time and costs with smart design and efficient engineering.

Cost Advice &
Value Engineering

Improving quality and efficiency without compromising on time, cost or standards

BIM Design &

Using technology to build – before the build starts.

Mechanical Pipework &
Public Health Services

We design, manufacture and fit systems for water supply, sanitation, heat, fresh air and gas, for buildings across the UK.